research interests + influences

My conceptual interests centre upon the interfaces of economics and politics, of interests and ideas, of enterprise and culture, and of the roles of place and mobility in social dynamics.

Currently, my specific research interests pertain to economic nationalism, place and nation ‘branding’, and the internationalization of universities and cultural industries. Case studies to date are primarily from Japan, Australia, and, recently, Scandinavia and Israel.

At Waseda University I teach courses on cultural and creative industries, communication design, and corporate governance. I am avid consumer therefore of recent research from various disciplines on creativity, design thinking, and also legal, economic and policy perspectives on comparative capitalist systems.

Since 2004 I have also served also as Councilor in the International Division of Waseda, involved in the management of a study abroad program that sends over 1000 students abroad annually. I have an interest therefore too in sharing know-how on the managerial and other challenges involved in such student mobility programs.

Finally, I also have an interest in the challenges for liberal and social democratic politics in open, cosmopolitan societies, especially in our present context of aging societies and a new ‘politics of scarcity’.